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Who is Motorgirl?


Lesley Gering aka Fireweed is an award winning Emily Carr Graduate, Mother and Motorcyclist who crosses the mediums with photography, film, writing, video, 2-D art and even fire performance.  Her work has been published in over fifty publications worldwide and her photography and writing have been published in over a dozen motorcycle magazines internationally.


For her next art show, she explores the themes of modern technology and ancient rites.  Her passion for riding motorcycles and for the ancient near east and Indian culture have brought her to the top of the Himalayas on small dirt bikes and into the archives of Eastern European engineering/scientific museums discovering that science and old mythology have links – you just have to look between the lines.  With each stroke and each layer, sometimes taking as many as three months to finish twenty layers of paint on each work she pushes the boundaries of fabricated and body mechanics in humanity and machine. 


Ascetics and meditation can be found motorcycling with full awareness on a mountain highway or it can be as simple as reaching for a loved one with a kiss, holding your child in your arms or examining the internal mechanics of a 1520 cc motorcycle engine scattered across a cement floor.  Focusing her energy on the texture and the meditation of getting to a place of deep layering with symbols carried throughout:  an old poem, an ancient plaque from a Buddhist stupa in Katmandu, blueprints from one of her favorite motorcycle parts, sculpture from a tantric temple in Northern India, a detail from a dragonfly’s wing, scientific formulas of “counter-steering” and other physics formulas that have become part of our day to day lives and mean something to her or her loved ones – the paintings combine two very different facets of life in a sensual way. 


This fusion of science and sensuality both holding a mysterious spell over the viewer to try to find more, to meditate more, to breathe more, to look deeper, to touch your loved one more…to find peace and love in this industrial place we call the City.